Wall section of a Super-Insulated Habitat Home

Wall section of a Super- Insulated Habitat Home
built in Mass., Courtesy of Building Science Corp and Build America.

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Habitat for Humanity makes home ownership a reality for low-income, working families who would not qualify for a conventional mortgage. Part of our strategy is to demonstrate that Energy Efficiency is a big part of making housing Affordable.

We are currently
building our 15th home
in Caledonia

Our current project is in Caledonia ... here are a few pictures:

We previously posted this information on the Avon house ...

So How Efficient is the Avon House?

By some measures, the Avon house will probably be the most energy efficient house in the county! This 5 bedroom, 2100 sq ft house will not require a conventional furnace, and the annual heating bill is predicted to be just over $200.

So how does one build such an affordable, low energy home? Our inspiration came largely from a couple of energy efficient homes build by other Habitat affiliates. We ended up using a combination of features from those homes and homes being built in Alaska! The most noticeable feature is probably the relatively thick, very well insulated walls (R-40). Less noticeable is the insulation under the slab (R-20) and in the ceilings (R-90). The house will also have very efficient triple pane windows.

Build it Tight, Ventilate Right

Less visible is the fact that the house will be very air tight! We are shooting for the Passive House standard...about 10 times tighter than code requires. Building a house this tight has many advantages, but also requires proper ventilation. We will be using a 95% efficient Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) to ventilate without loosing a significant amout of heat in the winter, or cool air in the summer.

For more information, explore the links from this page (you will be taken to remote sites for lots of details). You can also sign up to help build this Habitat house and learn first hand how to build a truly affordable, super-efficient green home.


Architect's Sketch of Home
Donated Solar Electric Panels
The Lower Level is made with
Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)
ICFs Ready for Concrete
ICFs Ready for Concrete
Raised Heal Trusses Go Up!
One of the homes that inspired our efforts!



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