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For many Habitat affiliates, organizations generously sponsor houses by providing a combination of direct funding, in-kind donations of materials or services, and volunteer labor. House sponsors include faith-based communities, corporations large and small, professional and community organizations, and individuals

This is an area of need for our Habitat affiliate. We are a volunteer group dedicated to providing safe, affordable housing to families in our community. Donations of time, money and material make it possible for us to sell our homes at an affordable price.

Call 585-335-5634
to learn about
sponsoring a home in
Livingston County.


Partnership Companies/Businesses:

  • AJC Interiors, Avon, Tony Cappello
  • Avon Lumber
  • Bank of Castile, Caledonia, Kim Issac
  • Barefoot Septic
  • Dan Pease Plumbing and Heating
  • Flower City Habitat Heating Crew
  • Gray Metal, Avon
  • Hurricane Technologies, Avon
  • Jim Isaac, Isaac Heating
  • Kircher Construction, Mt. Morris
  • Lopez Construction, Livonia
  • Masons: Tim St. James, Dave Norse, Aaron Perkins
  • Morsch Pipeline
  • Power and Construction Group
  • Rogers & Tenbrook, Dansville
  • Simpson Strong Ties
  • Tops, Avon
Volunteer Groups
Hammer & Saw Club of Livingston County Habitat for Humanity
  • Avon Lionesses
  • Avon Central Drama Club
  • Lattimore Physical Therapy, Avon, Dansville, Geneseo
  • RIT Students
  • St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Geneseo
  • Sparta Center United Methodist Church
  • St. Timothy's Lutheran Church, Geneseo
  • SUNY Geneseo Students


(These are people that come almost every week on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday)
  • Kelly Cole
  • Len Davis
  • Dan Dimpfl
  • Butch Erbe
  • Larry Faulkner
  • Doug Hollinger
  • Ken Hubacher
  • Kathy Hubacher
  • Gary Kone
  • John Marks
  • Larry Preston
  • Chuck Puls
  • Pat Rountree
  • Tom Rounsville
  • Joe Terzo
  • John Unger
  • Ron Walker
  • Tom Wilson
Individual Volunteers
  • Barb Carpenter
  • Rock Castor
  • Ann Davis
  • Sue Dimpfl
  • John Duffy
  • Sheila Duffy
  • Kathleen Engstrom
  • Joan Erbe
  • Joanne Fugle
  • Karl Hanafin
  • Mary Lou Marks
  • Mark Peace
  • Chris Preston
  • Laura Roland
  • Mary Roodenberg
  • Gary Salter
  • Mary Terzo
  • Ilonka Tumelaire
  • Bill Wall
  • Helen Young


Livingston County Habitat for Humanity
Livingston County Habitat for Humanity
Livingston County Habitat for Humanity

Livingston County Habitat for Humanity
PO Box 336 - Geneseo, NY 14454

(585) 335-5634